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Education: Key Stage 2

Local History: Durham Through the Ages

This session will introduce pupils to Durham through time, from the Anglo Saxon and Norman origins of the Cathedral and Castle through to daily life in the 20th century. Via an interactive gallery trail through the museum exhibition, pupils will particularly focus on crime and punishment, trade and industry and symbolism associated with important historical figures integral to the story of Durham.

An object handling session will further challenge pupils to question various historical sources and develop their observation, communication and critical thinking skills. This session would provide excellent support to a local history study as included in the KS2 national curriculum and also supports learning across the language and literacy, geography, and art and design curriculum.

What to Expect

Due to the layout of the museum, after an initial welcome, the class will be split into a maximum of four groups (5 to 8 pupils in each) and will cycle through a series of activities in particular areas of the museum. Each lead teacher or adult helper will be briefed on the activities and provided with thorough notes and resources for each section. The leader of the session from the museum will check on each group and tell you when to move to the next activity.

Extension activities are provided in each section should your group finish their primary tasks ahead of schedule. Following these activities, the session leader will take all groups back upstairs to the seating gallery and facilitate an object handling session where pupils will work in groups of three. If enough time remains after all activities are complete and the weather is fine, the session leader will walk you up to Palace Green (just a few seconds away) and explain in more detail how this area is integral to the origins of the city.

Should you wish to have a copy of the teacher’s guide in advance of your visit, this can be provided via after your booking is confirmed.